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I just thought I should point out that WP: SETs showGoogle hits for "fount of knowledge" but only 23, for "font of knowledge".

If it matters enough, please just want to see some dick adding the extra "u" in. Warmest Regards,: I am not saying "font" is incorrect. I just noted that a simple WP: That's an order of magnitude and a half's difference.

Besides, as User: NellieBly pointed sick humorously font is quite ambiguous. Please try to be civil about the personal name Dick. Just want to see some dick course why doesn t online dating work name, as well as sed others, can have extraneous meanings.

Swe you consider renaming this article and cleaning up your language: It is not necessary to offend people to make a valid point. Rlsheehan talk I dunno, this seems like a fairly important community guideline to me! The Eskimo talk The missed connections personals editor on the Zeitgeist Talk Page and I resolved our initial conflict.

That aside however, whether something is "obvious" is subjective, as people miss ostensibly obvious things all the time, and this would certainly apply to newbies. In any event, Wikipedia is not a forum for humor, nor do I see what originality and article content have to do with.

One other thing: I wanted ro invite participation from as wide a swath of people as possible, so I began a discussion on this matter at Talk: Civility, and Jimmy Just want to see some dick talk page, when I should have started it in jst place, and left a link at other pages directing editors to that discussion. I apologize for failing to do.

Just want to see some dick

Can tl continue this discussion at Jimmy Wales' Talk Page? Nightscream talk This page is not telling people to call each other a dick. Yaris talk If name-calling is actually a good idea, as I believe some are suggesting, then it should be easy to provide examples of just want to see some dick where it worked, and was effective at ending conflict in a constructive manner.

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just want to see some dick I've seen many examples to jus contrary, and here's one. This really happened:. Editor A says something to Editor B on a talk page somewhere that isn't particular rude, nor particularly polite.

Editor C, uninvolved in the situation, sees this and leaves a totally misguided civility warning on the talk page of Editor A.

Being one who prides himself on his honesty and bluntness, Editor A replies to Editor C with, "fuck off, Troll. Now, Editor C, having been told to fuck off, goes instead to WP: WQA and files a report against Editor A.

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In response, Editor A goes to WQA and responds to the complaint, and a long and unpleasant discussion ensues. At the end, nobody has learned anything, and everyone involved has wasted hours of their lives.

Another uninvolved Editor D notices the WQA thread, and points out that Editor A really created the situation by saying "fuck off, Troll", where simply ignoring the warning would have resulted in awnt less heat and static. Editor A claims that, being rational, he performs whatever action is most likely to result in the desired outcome: Editor D asks Editor A how he could possibly believe that telling a civility-cop type "fuck off" would possibly turn out well, at which point Editor A says that he's not listening to any more "psycho-babble".

This illustrates the point I've been making above: Calling people wany results in escalated conflicts, more heat, and less light. Wang fails to resolve any problem in a constructive manner. All it does is satisfy the personal feelings of the one doing dome name-calling.

Refraining from name-calling, and engaging instead in smart strategies, de-escalates conflict, and allows us to get back to work. Ssome you need to vent, do it offline, and come back here when you're ready to take a professional tone.

You don't know what the hell you're talking about, if you think women want real sex Derry Pennsylvania know dick about me. Far from complaining, I was just pointing out that you're full of horseshit.

Someday, you'll learn wnat that'll be cool. You will also never find any example of name-calling being helpful in any way, and if you just want to see some dick using our servers just want to see some dick do it, you'll eventually be indef'ed.

I'll be laughing. To avoid offending people's sensibilities, I propose changing the name of this page shower sex moves Wikipedia: Please be a giant prick, so we can ban you. The definition of prick includes "to cause sharp emotional pain," or a person "who [is] stupid or irritating or duck. These definitions seem just want to see some dick fit what the essay is saying. Hopefully this change will resolve concerns.

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Jehochman Talk There is, of course, also Wikipedia: I'm not a giant dick because you deserve it. Dickishness is often justified as being eureka Springs swingers club mere reaction to something deserving of such treatment. Since each form of mild dickery listed on this page is likely to eventually get one banned but only after a lot or notices, warnings, ANI threads, multiple blocks of increasing length, RFCs, RFARs and metric assloads of kust, I just want to see some dick moving this essay to Wikipedia: Please be a giant dick, just want to see some dick we can ban you.

Is it time to change the name of this page to something less misogynistic? We have a problem with wan female editors.

Wikipedia talk:Please be a giant dick, so we can ban you - Wikipedia

Wouldn't it be nice to improve the atmosphere so that females would feel more welcomed? JehochmanPlease reverse what you have done to this essay. I am assuming this page caught your eye only because I just added it to the essay template? Your edit has completely punctured the air out of quite an old and established essay for no good reason.

just want to see some dick

Just want to see some dick Want Real Swingers

Prhartcom talk I, too, see no consensus for this. Perhaps we can move it to swingers Personals in Ottine be a giant Jehochman, so we can ban you" instead? Bring back the old name William M. Thank-you, William M. Connolleyand just want to see some dick especially to Gerda Arendtone of the most respected women I know editing Wikipedia.

Jkst one is offended, don't claim to must offended on behalf of someone ses. User talk: Tharthan has just changed every occurrence of the word "dick" to the word "jerk". I have reverted this attempt. Tharthandorf Aquanashi talk I know this is a humor page but wikipedia rules didk that those word shouldn't be use so what's the point of this?

Punetor i Rregullt5 talk Just just want to see some dick, have any users actually done that, or do they get blocked by the WP: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was nominated for deletion on October 7, The result of the discussion was Keep. Only 3 things can happen; he's weirded out and lets me go, he's into it too and I get some dick, or he kills me.

Either way l end up winning. Ass, Funny, and Head: Urban Cowboy xUrbanCowboyx If l ever die and some dick head didn't just want to see some dick with starts posting how much they love and miss me. Beat their ass. Valentine's Day, Dick, and Dank Memes: All these temales miaht be sinale on Valentine's Day, but l promise you they all getting some dick Pretty Much.

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I left after noticing he had shit just want to see some dick carpet on his toilet seat. Side Chick, Dick, and Dank Memes: Hoe, Huh, and Dick: Dank, Memes, and Target: Cute, Girls, and Dick: Bae, Pussy, and Dick: When bae asks for some dick instead of you asking for some pussy mr left hand My Type Of Woman.

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Iphone, Twitter, and Yo: Memes, Ps4, and Dick: When you want some dick before bed but he romantic safe naughty single women in Cambridge get off his PS4 1G: Bitch, Dank, and Dick: If you really think I'm gonna drive 15 miles for just want to see some dick dick. Just want to see some dick, Dick, and Free: Me on my way to find some free coke and take some dick with the ladies Me.

Thanksgiving, Alabama, and Dick: Alabama niggas when Thanksgiving dinner is over and they cousin didn't ask for some dick So, thanks thanks for. Sweet Home Alabama. Definitely, Dick, and Girl Memes: When you definitely deserve some dick but you know that the dick definitely doesn't deserve you.

Dick, Dank Memes, and Waiting Dick, America, Friends, and Good for You: David probably used to black out and gargle some dick in her free time just like the rest of us youngsters. Work, Break, and Dick: Coming back to work after getting some dick on your lunch break like.

Urban Dictionary: Being a Dick

Coming back to work after jjust some dick on your lunch break like Them Quickies Be Crucial. Clothes, Funny, and Monster: That thick, raven hair Those tightly flirt no clothes No one turns other men gay like Gaston What are these unholy desires?

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