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Friends with benefits sex scence

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That topic is sex.

Lots of sex. But there is an issue with how movies portray it.

A lot of things. Most of all is communication.

In movies, friencs one talks about what they want, how they want it or if they scenec want it in the first place; it all just sort of happens. And that, right there, is problematic, because it builds up this ideal version of sex in our minds, where the moment is supposed to friends with benefits sex scence fluid and beautiful, a place where there is no room for our questions or hesitations or worries.

Or mistakes.

All of the things that are most natural about sex are taken out of the picture in Hollywood. First, and most importantly, throughout the entire exchange, Timberlake and Kunis are communicating.

They are chit-chatting away, directing each other to what feels best for them, and not being afraid or ashamed to make special requests for their own satisfaction. Another thing: A thing to note, perhaps, friends with benefits sex scence that within free dateing app plot of the movie, Timberlake and Kunis are having sex as friends, not as a couple — hence the title Friends with Benefits.

The notion of casual sex is important in itself, because it refuses to slut-shame Kunis, as is what often happens in society when a woman is more sexually liberated. Additionally, this foundation of friendship is what makes their sexual relationship so successful, in a sense, and allows them to form such a deep friends with benefits sex scence of comfort.

There is a friends with benefits sex scence scene, later in the movie, that looks pretty much like every other rom-com — the romantic sith, dramatic music, the whole sha-bang. But this scene also coincides with the downfall of their successful relationship — only after that night do they start to have problems.

Therefore, the movie probably unintentionally shows how important communication is for a sexual encounter!

Hopefully, the kind of communication expressed in this flick will soon become common and the problematic norms surrounding taboo sex culture in society will be broken down, bit by bit. Elissa is a Northwestern junior in Medill studying sccence and political science.

She was born and raised in Las Vegas, where her love for sushi, avocados, and hot cheetos all began. Skip to main content.

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